Difference between TV Commercial and an Fashion Editorial

by Diana Chipar

The other day I was speaking to one of Dubai's infamous and very successful photographers who happens to also be a very good friend of mine about a potential collaboration. This is when I had an "aha" moment.

I thought - why not let my readers know the difference between styling for a TV Commercial and one for a fashion editorial. You would think - how can they be so different, don't they both involve fashion? Sure. That's the beginning and the end of the common features, the rest is completely different. For one, time. You should be prepared to spend more than 15 hours on set for a TV Commercial. So if you like your beauty sleep make sure you go to bed early because at 3 am you may be putting totally wrong pieces together. For an editorial, the maximum you will spend on set will be 10 hours, that is if you have more than 5 models involved which is not usually the case. Speaking of models, for a TV Commercial you will have main characters, featured characters and please lets not forget about the extras who are at times an entire crowd, all of whom need to be dressed in full pressed outfits at least an before the director says "ACTION". Therefore, arriving 2 hours on set before everyone else is a must. Fashion editorials usually need the stylist to arrive 15 minutes prior or not even because there is make up and hair which usually takes an hour, which gives you a chance to catch your breath and even grab a coffee before the photographer starts clicking. Dressing a model in 8 to 9 outfits over an entire day sounds as a breeze in comparison to dressing 30 people in less than an hour. Oh and one last thing, fashion editorials primarily utilise and feature fashion pieces from high end exclusive brands that are worth hundreds of thousands of dirhams. TV Commercials tend to be a little more diverse - they too can include high end pieces but at the same time may also include uniforms, costumes and other pieces worth almost nothing bought from Deira and Satwa. So expect to do some running around to put the outfits together for a TV Commercial during your preparation day. As you can see - styling a TV Commercial and styling a fashion editorial is not one and the same. Having said that, no matter what, I continue to love my job even if it means I get less sleep on some days. I thought of taking this opportunity to show you my latest TV Commercial i have worked on for Pizza Hut.Below you will find pictures and the add itself.