Dubai Luxury

by Diana Chipar

As a fashion stylist in the UAE I have to confess I am really excited to be surrounded by extreme Luxury found either in architecture, cars or fashion.  Having a closer look to this particular elements i came up with this unique project. I have thought to marry few of this elements in order to offer you a exulerant experience, further more highlight the outstanding designer based in UAE. 

When choosing the car I was looking for a fashionably modern automobile with a roaring fast engine and a eye catching color, to appeal to my readers. What better car could match this criteria than Jaguar F-TYPE? The Jaguar F-TYPE is an extremely advanced car, with outstanding technology and sharp looking front as well as that roaring engine voice which will definitely empower any driver... speaking from experience. Follow @Jaguarmena .

House of Nomad  Jaguar F-TYPE

House of Nomad

Jaguar F-TYPE

House of Nomad was the first designer house which crossed my mind for this project. I consider him one of the most talented personas in fashion arena, not only because he is a dear friend of mine but also because his designs are one of the kind. For the project I have selected a full white outfit, a crop top with high wasted loose pants which looks modernly young but when adding the white cape the look changes extremely towards gracious elegance. This particular outfit with the Red Jaguar in the background made me feel like a Queen. I will let the picture speak for itself. You can find these pieces and much more on or follow the @house_of_nomad .

Reemami  Jaguar F-TYPE


Jaguar F-TYPE

"Reemami" has caught my attention since the beginning of my fashion styling career. It made a big impact on me with its unique and personalized prints and cuts. I couldn't but chose one of her Frida Collection outfits to feature in my project. As you all notice by now, I do love high waisted pieces (they give height and shape) that is why I have chosen a black crop top, a pencil high waisted skirt with the most beautiful black long sleeve, straight cut jacket, all deepened in Frida print. It doesn't get more unique than this. If you are looking to get some of the pieces for yourself find them at or @reemamiofficial.

Sohad Acouri  Jaguar F-TYPE

Sohad Acouri

Jaguar F-TYPE

"Sohad Acouri" is a designer which I had grown as a model with, and now he has helped me dress a number of Arab celebrities. He is a brilliant business man and a fascinating designer. His couture dresses are breathtaking. That was exactly how I felt when I saw myself in the mirror in this long burgundy gown. The dress is made out of  flowy organza sprinkled with Swarovski black crystals from the top to mid bottom and finished with a skinny belt on the upper waist. I felt extremely comfortable and light. To find more about his work follow him @sohadacouri or check out the website at .

Julea Domani  Jaguar F-TYPE

Julea Domani

Jaguar F-TYPE

"Julia Domani" is a fashion brand designed by a beautiful lady by the name of Zeena Zaki. I am sure most of you are familiar with her. For the others who never met or heard about Zeena, she is famous for her casual elegant dresses as well as a colorful selection of evening gowns. She dresses not only the Dubai based fashionistas and famous personas, but even some of Hollywood's celebrities. One of them being the infamous Kim Kardashian. I have chosen her shoulderless hot red dress, with petal details at the top and topped it with a fur scarf for winter. Red on red was never a bad idea. Find more on @zeenazaki or 

Michael Cinco  Jaguar F-TYPE

Michael Cinco

Jaguar F-TYPE


"Michael Cinco" doesn't need much  of an introduction. His couture work speaks for itself. He got me fascinated many years ago when I had the pleasure to meet him and try on some of his magnificent hand made pieces. I fell in love with this long white mermaid tail gown covered in flower sequence details carefully put together by hand and crystals assembled around the top as a necklace. It made me feel like Cinderella ready for the ball with the Red Jaguar as my chariot. You can find his dreamy work on @michael5inco or at 

West LA  Jaguar F-TYPE

West LA

Jaguar F-TYPE

On a more casual note I couldn't but choose "West LA Boutique" for their modern casual chic and affordable pieces. We have something in common actually. Just like me, this boutique encourages and promotes its local designers. The only difference being the designers featured at West LA Boutique are not local to the UAE but from a few thousand miles away -  the famous city of angels (Los Angeles). The boutique offers a wide range of pieces in different styles all with a unique twist. I have decided to show you a rather different way of combining our Dubai based designers with the LA designers, all in one project. Some of the looks included the light blue crop top with high waist shorts and out of this world, short fur cut cape in gray color. To make the outfit pop a little I decided to wear fuchsia pink Gucci high heels and a limited edition Louis Vuitton white leather bag. The outfit looks super fresh and chic when combined with the Jaguar.

West LA   Jaguar F-TYPE

West LA 

Jaguar F-TYPE

Yet another formal chic look from West LA Boutique included a long emerald green dress, straight cut with the split at the back. To give it a more Parisian touch I added the black hat with the cat-eye sunglasses and the black long sleeve jacket placed just on the shoulders. The Louboutin high heels with the Gucci black clutch came as a must with such an outfit. To find more West LA Boutique pieces look at or @westlaboutique

Phioro Jewelry , outfit by West LA 

Phioro Jewelry , outfit by West LA 

The diamonds were provided by my dear friend and talented jewelry designer Clare Pardoe. Find her outstanding jewelry pieces on or facebook page Phioro Jewelry/Watches, @phioro.

Hope you all learned a bit more about the Dubai based luxury designers and the Jaguar F-TYPE. Please don't hesitate to drop your comments or questions. Stay tuned for more Luxury!